North Country Kettlebells

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In effort to keep these services accessible, while supporting our instructors financially, we've designed an access-based sliding scale.

The lower end of the scale is available for those with limited financial access.

Salaried professionals + folks with access are encouraged to pay the high end of the scale.  

If you are interested in training but cost is a prohibitive factor, please get in touch.  

Payment plans + discounts are available.

*Free of cost training options are available for self-identified Indigenous folks. Contact us for details*

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Single Consultations

1-on-1 sessions $60-80 per session

2 person sessions $30-50 per person per session

3+ person sessions $15-35 per person per session

I find that, with the guidance of NCK, I have developed a much deeper consciousness of my body and am far more attuned to how I move!
— Nick W. Montpelier, VT
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Training Class Packages

 6 or more 1-on-1 sessions $45-65 per session

6 or more 2 person sessions $20-40 per person per session

6 or more 3+ person sessions are $10-30 per person per session

Additional price breaks for 20+ sessions purchased.

Everything I’ve learned from NCK translates perfectly into all of the physical activities that I do because the knowledge is so practical and functional.
— Sandy B. Montpelier, VT

All Sessions are from 60-70 minutes unless specified by participant. All packages Get the option to receive 1 home workout per week in addition to weekly training.


Workshops & Special Events

NCK offers regular training workshops to cover the technical aspects of Kettlebell training! Whether the goal is to introduce beginners to the foundations of training, to provide specialized program progressions for advanced practitioners, or to cover any specific aspect of Kettlebell lifting, NCK looks to always provide exceptional instruction in a comprehensive learning environment!