5 Ways To Know How To Lift Kettlebells

With Kettlebells the difference between progressive technique and ineffective technique can sometimes be hard to determine! Here are 5 sure fire ways to put yourself on the right path to safe and fulfilling progression!

Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd

In my experience, I’ve seen the greatest amount of lasting quantifiable improvement within personalized training programs, when the student/teacher ratio is relatively low, allowing individuals to receive specific personal attention.

Kettlebells For Holistic Fitness

The beautiful thing about Kettlebell training is that the programs effectively raise the overall physical awareness of the lifter, requiring a constant and focused physical and mental engagement.

Motivations & Inspirations For Exercise

Over the years I have had the benefit of watching so many participants improve and as a teacher there's not much that makes me happier than watching my students get comfortable with my program.

Exercise Program Recommendation

If you’re into Kettlebell training either as a dabbler or as somebody with the serious intention of learning how to use Kettlebells, you must have focus in your training regiments to get the most out of your efforts. This doesn’t just apply to Kettlebell training, it’s true in any skill that requires a level of precision. With kettlebells, I like to think of it as learning how to perform the Perfect Repetition; a movement that is coordinated, automatic, and familiar, and makes my body want to do it again and again.

Folks Lifting Heavy

All morning I watched folks who I regularly work with swing Kettlebells that 5 months ago they never would have imagined being able to handle. I’m talking 53lb, 70lb, 88lb Kettlebells, worked with safely, for repetitions. Even now, some might not believe me if I told them, with continued training in proper technique…

Joint Mobility (PDF Link)

I regularly use the term Joint Mobility (or JOI MOB) to refer to a series of range of motion exercises intended to “lubricate the joints” through movement, and get a lifter physically and mentally ready for activity. By definition, Joint Mobility refers to the degree to which a joint is allowed to move before being restricted by surrounding ligaments/tendons/muscles etc…