Better With Age

To me it has always made sense that, until you hit a certain age, you could get stronger as you got older; mainly because some of the strongest lifters that I know are some of the oldest lifters thatI know. Especially in Kettlebell lifting, with practice in proper technique the body does not have to be broken down or damaged by weight lifting.

 For instance, when I was first introdued to Kettlebells it was be a friend whose father had been very close to and man named Joe Rollino. Joe Rollino was, to say the very least, a highly respected and revered community figure in throughout New York, who at one point performed feats like bending steel, or pulling trucks, amongst other physical acts of strength. Having built strength and fitness well into his lifestyle this revered human being was still in good health when he turned 104 Years Old! It’s even documented that at his 103rd birthday party Joe Rollino bent a coin in his teeth! Mr. Rollino practiced proper strength training principles for a lifetime and it brought him to a level of fitness that may be virtually unimaginable in popular belief, until he died.

Although death is inevitable, physical incapacitation with age is not! Older people with phenomenal strength are not uncommon, or even uncanny, and this has never been the case! I encourage you to look around at any person and make note of their physical strength, you might just find something brilliant!