Kettlebell Progression

The natural progression of Kettlebell training is to use lighter weights while learning technique and gaining confidence. Then, as a person feels more comfortable and confident, heavier Kettlebells are integrated as a way of testing what’s been learned. This progression is a testament to both an increase of strength and a deeper understanding of the program - if you have not truly become more knowledgable, comfortable, and confident with the previous weight then the one you’ll be engaging with will expose any flaws in your physical understanding.

That’s why it always amazes me to watch people lift heavier Kettlebells! As a trainer it’s wonderful to see someone enhance their level of comfort with something that previously seemed intimidating, and then to witness them begin their next phase of personal progression is absolutely inspirational!

Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of training incredible people, with a variety of skill and fitness levels, who could all comment on the fact that this progression is seemingly a natural effect of working with Kettlebells. When the shift of awareness in personal ability and strength enhancement happens, you know it because you can feel it in all of your physical activities! This is why our main encouragements are train mindfully, train safely, and train properly with Kettlebells, and your physical ability is bound to improve! Guaranteed!