Shoulder Stability and Injury Prevention

When it comes to weight lifting, whether with Kettlebells, Olympic bars, or body weight exercises, healthy shoulders are the linchpin in effective training. If the shoulders are injured then a KB lifter will have a difficult time training to move heavier weights or performing exercises that depend on a specific shoulder integrity. Therefore, a special consideration should be taken when choosing a high impact weight training program, of any kind, if you are to maintain healthy shoulders and have strength/mobility throughout your lifetime.

When I think about shoulder health, or I see old photos of strength performers holding huge Kettlebells or barbells in positions that require the utmost shoulder stability, I think of how these “acts” would not be possible if the performers had painful shoulders or improper technique. Ultimately, increases in weightlifting are dependent largely on strength, injury prevention is certainly paramount and movement comprehension is a very close second! So take care of your precious shoulders and practice your lifts as skills to be constantly improved upon, progression is to follow!