Motivations & Inspirations For Exercise

I have been a Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor in Vermont for about 12 years now and I continue to be blown away by the enthusiasm and excitement that comes with folks increasing their physical fitness. Over the years I have had the benefit of watching so many participants improve and as a teacher there's not much that makes me happier than watching my students get comfortable with my program. 

I have seen people move up from using 20 pound Kettlebells to using 50 pound Kettlebells in as little as a year. This speaks both to an increase in strength and power output but also it speaks to a deeper understanding of technique and to greater confidence in their ability to apply their strength. To me these are some of the biggest gains that a person can make.

My appreciation and best wishes go out to all those who stick with their fitness programs, may you all achieve that which you deem most important and may your training continue to encourage and inspire you!