Why Lift Heavy Kettlebells?

Believe it or not, for me, one of the biggest dangers in Kettlebell lifting is when people stick to using only the Kettlebells that feel "light and easy" to lift. The reason why I see this as a danger is because in Kettlebell training heavier weights are used as a way of "pressure testing" technique in order to make sure that we aren't ingraining flaws in our technique while we are working out. When folx use poor weightlifting technique, regardless of the tool that they are choosing, an outcome is often that eventually they get just strong enough to hurt themselves. This means that a persons poor lifting technique may allow for the confidence enough to perform a lift with a weight heavy enough to actually cause injury if used incorrectly, and that is what has happened to many an exercise enthusiast along the way.

When I first starting lifting Kettlebells one thing that I really liked about the practice was that I couldn't cheat it. If I faked it with a light weight then the next weight up would just check me and put me back in my place. As a trainer I am all about driving this point home because I don't want to watch anybody "fake it ‘til they break it"! 

So with that said, enjoy working with whatever weights make you feel the most comfortable, but make sure that technique is your primary focus. That way, as you get more confident in your own ability, you can test your understanding and conditioning against more challenging weights and routines without the high risk of crashing!