Folks Lifting Heavy

All morning I watched folks who I regularly work with swing Kettlebells that 5 months ago they never would have imagined being able to handle. I’m talking 53lb, 70lb, 88lb Kettlebells, worked with safely, for repetitions. Even now, some might not believe me if I told them, with continued training in proper technique, they could be able to workout with those Kettlebells in less than 6 months. Well they could, and some of them will. This article is for the people who I’ve trained who continue to impress and excite me.

I have been posting a lot of videos and articles about people doing amazing things with Kettlebells, and this article is not different at all.

There is so much on Kettlebell lifting out there that has inspired me throughout my own training. My intention is to continue to share the best of what I find, in hopes that these articles inspire you to continue pursuing your own training goals. Keep it up!