Empowerment Through Kettlebells

In my own practice, I’ve always imagined that my purpose for exercising is to recharge my battery and that after I perform my hardest workouts I should feel stronger and more energized. I have never wanted my training cycles to leave me feeling like I couldn’t be active following a session. At the same time I have always wanted to be challenged by what I do, and do I want to progress, so how do I get there?

In training, I make it so that my body wants more of what I’m giving to it when I’m finished! My goal is to make sure that I’m leaving myself feeling stronger from what I am doing in the moment, and not as if I couldn’t do another rep at the end.

For people who want to leave an exercise session feeling better physically then when they started, this is the perfect way to go. I work hard in my workouts, and I work close to my capacity, but I work in a way that is not diminishing my abilities now in an attempt to improve my abilities in the long term.

It comes down to keeping myself safe and feeling good about what I’m doing, without injury and without forced inactivity! Forever!