Kettlebells – The Perfect Weight

It has been a long time idea of mine that one way to get folks more active in sedentary situations is to provide regular access to Kettlebells and Kettlebell training. Whether in a gym or outside, at home or in the office, Kettlebells offer an opportunity to do a good amount of impactful physical work in a short amount of time.

Kettlebells can be very compact, easy to store, and convenient to pick up and use right on the spot. Lifting Kettlebells offers an immediate change of pace, as well as a sort of mental-emotional reset. The muscle engagement techniques are a great way to create and reestablish a strong mind/body connection, and to set in good body mechanics while enhancing mental focus and demonstrating personal ability. And, you can get all of these amazing benefits by performing just a few lifts in a short period of time. Plus, you can really just do it throughout your day, whenever it feels like you need it, or want it, or could use it. Throw a few reps in anytime you want that quick boost!

In the end, keep it simple. Remember that this is something you can pick up and use at your beck and call, without ritual or formality. Take it seriously, but know that there is no need to confine yourself by what you think exercise is suppose to look like. Just keep in mind that whatever you choose to do, for however long that you choose to do it, it is doing good for you holistically – mentally, physically, and emotionally!