Kettlebells For Holistic Fitness

Kettlebells can be a wonderful tool for practical fitness training! As a holistic exercise practice, kettlebell training has been proven to increase vitality and personal physical awareness, while at the same time teaching all of the alignment and structural integrity fundamentals essential to working out safely and progressively.

What's significant about working with Kettlebells is the flowing nature of the resistance. The Kettlebell is one of the best weightlifting tools for constant fluid movement and infinite variation in how it can be used, making it more like “having a conversation with gravity” than “lifting weights”.

Since progressively working with Kettlebells requires full body engagement, lifters become better aware of how to automatically control external resistances with the activation of the “core” muscles, the practice then becomes perfect for labor oriented or load bearing jobs (especially if you are required to lift more than 50 pounds!).

The beautiful thing about it is that Kettlebell programs effectively raise the overall physical awareness of the lifter, requiring a constant and focused physical and mental engagement. Practitioners quickly begin to understand where the root of their strength potential lies and how to support and protect the body during all resistance based activities.

This is how Kettlebells can be both the perfect springboard to learning the specifics of all weight training and a stand alone resistance tool for regular physical activity. Enjoy!