Kettlebell Training Does Get Easier

As folks learn how to properly apply Kettlebell technique each exercise becomes smoother and more efficient. The flow of movement created by a seasoned Kettlebell lifter appears to  power itself at times, making the process even more graceful and enjoyable. This "effortlessness" is the result of so much time spent focusing on comfort and progressive capability.

When any exercise technique is sloppy, or painful, or out of control then it can't be expected to produce healthy results. Particularly with Kettlebells! Where, in order to progress to using weights that are comparable to a persons actual strength, the lifter has to possess both confidence in their own capability and comfort in their understanding of proper technique. The aspects of Kettlebell Training that work to increase overall lifting performance lie in our ability to use them correctly. To train at phenomenal endurance levels and at high strength ratios. I trust that generations of Kettlebell Lifters will continue to reach high levels of agility, strength, fitness, and vitality at a low risk of complication, using the Kettlebell as a tool for centuries to come.