What Using Kettlebells Does:

Encourages Full ROM In Each Plane of Movement

Reenforces Strong & Pain Free Ranges of Motion

Conditions The Body To Automatically Anchor The Shoulder To Support The Rotator Cuff

Completes Spinal Activation Chain By Engaging The Butt & Abdomen To Support The Mid & Lower Back

Improves Neutral Posture

Improves Active Flexibility

Impacts Muscle Endurance

Builds Up Overall Work Capacity

Improves Balance & Proper Weight Distribution

Strengthens Tendons  

Benefits Bone Density

Conditions Ligaments

Increases Grip Strength

Improves Hip Stabilization & Knee Tracking

Convenient, Compact, Versatile

Exercises That Enhance Stamina

Creates Safe Movement Patterns

Sets Foundations For Joint Mobility

Massive Increases In Physical Strength