North Country Kettlebells

"Exceeded my high expectations"

- David, Huntington, VT

"Their strength, attentiveness and good humor exceeded my high expectations. I was quickly assessed for my interests, skill-set, strengths and weaknesses, and then we went to work. The knowledge of Kettlebells, Kettlebell form, various exercises, and anatomy at NCK are invaluable in their instruction. They also have a great way about them, combining easy-going personality with direct intensity. Within days I could already observe how their specific pointers, and general principles, improved all my lifts. I'll be back for more." 

"able to easily tailor the class to our different levels"

 - Annika, Newark,VT

"My husband and I worked with NCK in a private class for three months. I had been fooling around with Kettlebells for a few months, and my husband was entirely new to them; they were able to easily tailor the class to our different levels and were so great to work with: calm, good at explaining things, focused on our needs and abilities and had an easygoing sense of humor.

"I am stronger, faster, and have more endurance"

- DanMontpelier, VT

"I've been training with NCK for about 18 months and have come to find that they are great trainers with a great system. Like all great trainers, they are teachers. They connects with their students, learn what motivates them, and help each individual strive to achieve their personal goals. In all my years pursuing life-long fitness, I never used a tool or technique as simple or effective as Kettlebell training; I am stronger, faster, and posses greater endurance. Achieving these results are great in the gym but most importantly I can play longer with my seven year old son, hike the mountains around my home, and bring more energy to work on a daily basis. I feel better everyday and get more out of life."

"I am continuing to thrive"

- Dawn, Plainfield, VT

"When I first sought out NCK, I was nursing a difficult arm injury. I've been working with them for almost a year now, and I am continuing to thrive, acquire new skill sets and build strength under their guidance. Thanks to the incredible depth of knowledge, I have worked through and healed my injury and am now beginning work with the 70 lb Kettlebell! Their passion and drive are contagious, once you work with NCK you'll be hooked. I highly recommend it, they are outstanding personal trainers!"

"I would highly recommend this to anyone"

Mark, Greensboro, VT

"I trained with NCK for 16 weeks, twice a week, before work. Their approach to Kettlebell lifting and joint mobility has helped me become stronger and feel better about my health. I would highly recommend NCK to anyone, of any age, who wants to be strong and active. "

"It was obvious that our facility needed to bring NCK on"

- Nick, Green Mountain CrossFit, Berlin, VT

After meeting these guys and working with them in the gym it was obvious that our facility needed to bring NCK on as a partner. The depth  of knowledge that they brings to every class is helping us all understand our Kettlebell movements and power production with clarity. Mujib's Kettlebell practice has greatly complemented our CrossFit programming and our members are loving it. 

"Not bad for 5'6", 134lb, 51 year old"

- Caryn, Woodbury, VT

"I trained with NCK for 3 months. Besides being qualified Kettlebell instructors they are just great! They are enthusiastic, encouraging, patient and fun to train with. They seem to know just how much to challenge me without pushing me beyond my capacity. Although they have me doing swings and getups and squats, we also do a variety workouts with cleans, presses, and snatches. When I started I could press about 8 kg and swing 12. I can now press 16, snatch 12, and last workout I did a few swings with the 24kg!! Not bad for 5'6", 134lb, 51 year old female! Thanks so much NCK!! I could never have done this without you!

"I highly recommend training with NCK" 

- Jacob Northfield, VT

"I have been training with NCK for many years now and they have continually helped me to grow in terms of strength, size, and understanding of body movement. When I first began I thought a 16kg press was heavy... hah!!! Now, thanks to their commitment and patience I can nearly press my girlfriend over my head with one hand! To ANYONE in or near Vermont, I highly recommend training with NCK." 

"I couldn't be more impressed"

- Shawn, Chelsea, VT

After more than a year of working one on one with NCK I couldn’t be more impressed. They completely dedicated to their craft and look for every opportunity to help me improve my capabilities and enjoy the process at every step. Their enthusiasm is boundless and contagious, and as amazing as it sounds, I’ve left every training session feeling better than when I started. What more could a student ever ask from his teacher?"