Mujib, Certified Kettlebell Instructor


Originally introduced to Kettlebells by a family of generational strength trainers and KB lifters, instructor Mujib was shown the full potential of the training practice very early on. Later he would seek out Kettlebell specific trainer certifications in order to validate a desire to create training programs for the folks in his community. Mujib says, “I saw what it looked like to work with really heavy kettlebells by watching these other guys who taught me, and I learned what I could by talking to them throughout our time lifting together and whenever I could. They taught me what to do to progress safely by being very specific first about what not to do!”. 

  Mujib has since learned to pass his attention to honest progression, and adherence to “proper” technique, to each one of his clients since 2008, now North Country Kettlebells is Vermont’s premiere Kettlebell Training Studio. 12 year veterans of Kettlebell training have said, after working with Mujib, “…nobody has ever explained things to me like that”, in regards to Mujib’s awareness of Kettlebell progressions and training cues. Total beginners have found their way into lifelong exercise programs and discovered a physical practice that continues to validate its effectiveness and enjoyability!

A 5 year NCK client says, “I’ve never had a personal training experience like this, Mujib’s attention to my ability level and overall comfort continue to keep me happy and feeling stronger all the time!”

Mujib is serving personal training clients by appointment at 696 Pine St, book a session today! 

“It is my passion to share the benefits of this wonderful fitness tool with as many people as I can!

- Mujib