Welcome! Thank you for your interest in NCK’s Youth Wellness Education Fund! The youth wellness education fund was started in an effort to improve access to opportunities for professional development within the field of physical education and wellness coaching. Guided by the desire to inspire youth who have the passion for pursuing revenue from the fitness industry and need further resources to achieve the aim, the fund is set up to provide cash stipends for travel, lodging, meals, materials, and equipment needed for attending certifications, seminars, conferences, and participating in workshops or home programs. The Wellness Education fund is about helping young people find direction and outlets for their passions and encourages them to learn how to take advantage of every resource that they have access to!

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At the end of the year all undivided monies raised by the fund go to Spectrum Youth & Family Services to be used as needed in support of their youth mentoring, multicultural, and skill building programs. Learn more about Spectrum and the support that they offer youth and families.